IP CCTV system is a security system that allows the user to easily monitor and record video and audio over an IP (internet protocol) computer network. The process involves an IP surveillance system, video management software, a PC for viewing, and a network switch. There are these analog video systems that utilize point-to-point analog cable specifically from the camera to the viewing/recording station whereas, IP-Surveillance conveys data through IP network technology. You can send the videos via both wired or wireless IP networks to anywhere you want. It can also make access the video from anywhere around the world. IP CCTV system has advanced functionalities that provide recording of alarm events also.

Advantages of IP CCTV system

Let us share some advantages of using IP CCTV systems for your security:

Remote accessibility

You can easily watch recorded and video recordings from any network around the world at any time. For a live video, there are different authorized users available in different locations who can make this easy for you. If the company wants a third-party security service that can benefit you and help you get access to the footage IP CCTV camera installation is a good option. A basic analog CCTV system requires you to be in a specific, on-site monitoring position to see and handle video whereas off-site video access would be impossible without some additional equipment that includes a network DVR and video encoder.

High image quality

When we talk about security camera installation high image quality is the utmost feature that you should consider. One should be able to get a clear image and video of the incident to identify the person involved. IP CCTV system has the best video system as it has a fully digital IP surveillance system. It provides clear images with no distortion.

It is possible to store the images and fetch them out at any time you need to. For an outclass service First Digital Surveillance can be the place for you.


An IP CCTV system has a lower cost than other modern CCTV cameras. The cost of managing the security system is lower and easily storable. To get a security camera for your house or workplace you should get an IP CCTV system.


An IP-CCTV system can scale to meet your changing needs. Without making large or costly changes to the network infrastructure, you can add as many network video products as you want. You may place the products and network it from nearly anywhere, and the system can be as open or closed as you choose.


A network camera and video encoder can connect the network instead of a PC. This is just like a web camera. With a help of a web browser, you can record the video on the PC with an internet connection. If you want to access and record footage from numerous cameras at the same time, you should install a video management software package on the recording PC.

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