Nowadays, where everything is getting advanced and change is becoming a natural trend in daily life as well as professional life. In the business world, change is essential. To manage the change management system, specialists have designed an ADKAR model. The most challenging in any organizational change is the element of people. This model provides you a complete change process that guides people on how to process further.

In this article, you will know about the ADKAR model. Sometimes change can be frustrating for the employees. Some employees take the organizational change positively; on the other hand, some employees push back against the change. Only a good change manager can deal with the attitude of employees when it comes to change.

The ADKAR model is a 5 steps model that deals with the employees thinking related to change management. Jeffery Hiatt designed this model. He was a great author as well as a founder of a business consulting firm Prosci as well.

The ADKAR stands for the five main goals an organization should achieve to get succeed.

  • Awareness: realizing people are aware that they need a change in life.
  • Desire: the urge to make a change
  • Knowledge: providing people all the information, tips, and skills to make a change.
  • Ability: applying that information to make a change
  • Reinforcement: to make sure people made that change and continue to make further changes.

Let us fit the ADKAR model into a change process.

  • The first step is you need to know about your business need. You should not keep it to yourself. Aware people about the business need and why change is important for your company.
  • Secondly, start working on your idea and concept that meets your business need. This is a desired step where you encourage people to make a change according to your business need.
  • When it comes to implementation, AKDAR’s two main steps are involved that are knowledge and ability. When you are applying for a change, your team should be well skilled and aware of all the pieces of information and the pros and cons of the organizational change. Teach your team all the knowledge about the change and then apply it practically.
  • Finally, the enforcement (also called post-implementation) is where you don’t allow people to back off. You must make sure the change management process is flawless and employees are satisfied and wanted to continue the change management system with their innovative ideas and plans according to the business needs. is a business consulting firm that helps you to boost your business with different change management strategies. It also guides your employees about the organizational change in the enterprise which helps the employees to easily adjust to that change. They provide different plans to boost the production rate through the change management system. If you are interested, do visit the website for maximizing your company’s profit.

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