ADP TotalSource Group, Inc. is a company that is now quite well known in United States of America. This company works to provide internet-based outsourcing services for all of the small-size businesses and medium size businesses as well. From ADP TotalSource you can get offers for human resources administration, safety and risk management, payroll administration, regulatory and compliance management, employee benefits management services, retirement plans and so on. Before it was extremely popular, ADP TotalSource Group, inc. was known by a different name. It was known as the Vincam Group,Inc. But soon, the Vincam Group was acquired by Automatic Data Processing Inc., and the name then changed. This company was discovered back in 1984 and it still has its headquarters in Miami, Florida, United States of America. It also has other offices in Portland, Oregon, United States of America. Since 1999, ADP TotalSource Group, Inc. has been operating as a subsidiary company of Automatic Data Processing, Inc. and now in this article we will be telling all the customers about how they can go ahead with the ADP TotalSource Portal Login!

Now when you start with the ADP TotalSource Portal Login procedure you can select two types of login. If you are a user, then you will select the user login and if you are the admin you will change it and select admin login. But here in this article, we will be focusing on user login. Logging in to your account will help you access any employee information related to you easily and you can login from your workplace and then from your home as well. However, you cannot make changes that your admin can. So, let’s start now:

ADP login page

  1. To start with the ADP TotalSource Portal Login process, you need an accurate website link to the page. You do not have to go through the hassle, we have one right here:
  2. Once you click on it and open the page, you will see the login box.
  3. In the box first enter your user ID.
  4. Then you will enter your password.
  5. Now hit the Login button and there you have it!


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