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Nowadays, it is quite rare to spot a company that does not only take from you (in terms of money) but also gives back to the community especially to the customers who are the key to their success. But when you do find a company like that, that just makes your day! Similar to that idea, we have just the right company to introduce to you and the program that they offer as well. The Dick’s sporting goods company is offering Dicks Sporting Goods Rewards that you can get with just a few steps. And while we will introduce this program to you, this article is for those who are already subscribed to the program, they have registered for an account online and they are now ready to learn how to login to their account. Well then, what are you waiting for, just keep on reading!

If you do not already know about Dick’s Sporting Goods company which is otherwise and more commonly known as Dick’s, we can introduce you to them briefly! Dick’s is basically a Fortune 500 American based sporting goods (which includes clothing items, sporting materials, sporting equipment and so on) retail company. With its headquarters in Corapolis, Pennsylvania, United States of America the company has become of the most popular ones in the nation. And now they offer their scorecard to their customers which can allow them to receive Dicks Sporting Goods Rewards!

If you want to subscribe to a scorecard, the process is very easy. You can either order one online or you can get one in-store by signing up for it. With the scorecard, you will be getting 2X points with each time you spend at Dick’s and use your card! With these Dicks Sporting Goods Rewards, you can get offers and discounts available to you anytime.

In order to keep an eye on your Dicks Sporting Goods Rewards , follow this login procedure:

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  1. You will go to http://www.mydickssportinggoods.com/
  2. Then on the page, you will see the login box right away- first enter your username
  3. Then you will enter your password.
  4. Now hit the sign in button and that’s all!

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