Through Drexel Webmail Login at you can access your account. Drexel University is a private research University in Philadelphia. Drexel is among many other universities that provide their students, staff, and faculty with the service of Webmail. The important news is spread using this Webmail. Also, the students can contact with staff members, faculty members and even with other students as well using this Webmail. Webmail works as a medium between the students, officials and faculty members to send receive files related to the university. It also provides contact list to connect or contact each other. Faculty and staff when using the first they have to sign up for the Microsoft Exchange by using the Outlook app.

Drexel Webmail Login Procedure

If you are willing to use the services of Drexel Webmail by Drexel Webmail Login, then follow the steps given below.

  • You must have a stable internet connection and a device such as a laptop or a cell phone to open the web page.
  • Open the web page
  • Select the language. The web page can be switched between nine different languages.
  • The university will have provided you with a Username and a Password at the time of admission in case of students. In the event of staff member or faculty member, the university provides them with the login details when they start their job at the University.
  • Enter that Username and Password in the designated areas.
  • After entering the username and password click on Sign In to continue to the Webmail account.

Other ways of accessing Drexel Webmail Login portal

There are other ways of Drexel Webmail Login as well. The first one is that you use the Outlook 2007 for Drexel Webmail Login. You can use Outlook 2007 for basic email, or you can use it to your exchange email. You can also use Outlook 2010 with your basic email or by your exchange email. Apple-based Client Access can also be used for Drexel Webmail Login.

Drexel University also provides push email service for mobile phones. The mobile phones that can be used for Drexel Webmail Login are Windows Phone, Android Phone, Blackberry 10 Phone, iPhone, and some Nokia Phones.

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