Do you need to access Child Support? Follow EPPICard Mississippi Login!
Being a custodial parents can be tough, especially when you are a parent who requires instant and necessary payments to fulfill your child’s needs. Getting your child support payments on time every month is a certain level of responsibility. A missed child support payment could lead you to a troublesome situation with your ex-partner. However, the new EPPICard debit card gives you the ease to receive your child support right from your device anytime and anywhere. If you have an EPPICard, read on to easily follow EPPICard Mississipi Login and make your life easier.

What is EPPICard?

The EPPICard program is managed by the department of Human Services in the state of Mississippi, USA.  You can now receive an online child support payment through this debit card without any lengthy paper work and montly visits to your ex-spouse. Just go to any bank worldwide and transfer your regular child support amount today using your EPPICard!

How will EPPICard Mississippi Login benefit you?

EPPICard Mississippi

  • EPPICard provides you easy cash at over a 1000 ATM locations
  • You can easily access information regarding your transitions and balance through your online account via following EPPICard Mississippi Login
  • Making transactions will cost you a very minimum amount.

Have you already received your EPPIcard? Follow these steps for EPPICard Mississippi Login to Sign Up!


  1. Open to access the EPPICard Mississippi web page
  2. On the web page click on “New User?” to go to the sign up form
  3.  On the sign up form type in your accurate card number followed by your CVV and your assigned SSN
  4. Select your accurate date of birth then enter your current email address. Confirm your email again.
  5. Then type in your user ID. Make sure your ID is between 6-8 letters
  6. Type in suitable password and re-type it in the next box.
  7. Hit on the yellow button that states “Sign Up”.

Have you successfully Signed Up for your EPPICard Mississppi Login? Login to check now!

EPPICard Mississppi Login

  1.  Visit to open EPPIcard Mississippi Login web page
  2. On the extreme left, locate “User ID”
  3. In the box type in the User ID you made while signing up
  4. Click on the yellow button that states “Login”

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