We are highly pleased to tell you that Florida Department of Revenue has been recognized by the Federation of Tax Administration (FTA) as SCORE partners due to highly relevant, persuasive and productive approach of the company in helping the taxpayers. In June 2018 there was an Annual Meeting of FTA was held where the Executive of Florida Department Of Revenue namely Leon Biegalski was presented with the FTA Award 2018. Being a non-profit association Florida Department Of Revenue is supported by the USA Small Business Administration. Florida Department Of Revenue is an association of business counselors who work voluntarily. Florida Department Of Revenue Really feels pride in being the close partners of SCORE. This partnership serves as a ground to help Florida flourish by providing her with the business tools and all the resources that are required for its success.

Most Awaited Upcoming Event by Florida Department Of Revenue

A webinar, titled as the SCORE webinar is going to be conducted by the Florida Department Of Revenue in July 2018. Titles used for this webinar will be “Use tax and you”. The main aim of the webinar is to explain and make it clear to the businessmen that what are the main things that are needed to be known by Florida in order to have an understanding about those mostly misunderstood taxes of Florida. The exact date and time of this webinar to be held is 12 July 2018 at sharp 2:00 PM respectively. The plus point of this webinar is that it will be conducted live and all the participants will get a chance of knowing the difference between the definition of “use tax” and “sales tax”. It will also be told that how these taxes are technically applied to business, when these taxes become due and what is the reason because of which these are discovered mostly during the audits.

We know that you must be eager to get yourselves registered so that you may attend this highly beneficial webinar. You can register for this webinar and can also view the webinars that took place in past by simply clicking on the link www.myflorida.com/dor

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