The world has never imagined it will experience something like the corona pandemic. Never in history was the entire globe locked down at once, and people were forced to stay home and safe. There was a wave of fear in the air, and everyone intentionally stayed home. Even the office workers did work from home, and it became a common practice. The wave hasn’t gone entirely, and we are still at homes most of the time. Therefore, there is a hefty amount of spare time that we can make productive. It is the best time to connect with the Quran as we usually forget to do it in our routine life.

We Have a Lot of Free Time

As mentioned earlier, we have never stayed this much at home before. Even if we have work to do from home, or ladies have loads of household work, there is still a lot of time to manage Quranic learning. In our routine lives, we usually take it for granted, and hardly ever give proper time to it. Sometimes, due to negligence but mostly because of a lot of worldly responsibilities.

The corona pandemic was sure a disaster for the world, and we never wish to have such calamity again. However, it gave us all the best opportunity to spend time on important things neglected by us. One of the most significant ones is Quranic learning, and we have the best opportunity to give some time to it.

We are Spared from Entertainment

Cinemas, restaurants, hotels, amusement parks, and all the entertainment sources are closed. There is nowhere for us to go, so we have free weekends for now. Moreover, there aren’t new movies to watch as the entertainment industry is also in the lockdown. Therefore, the time we used to spend on entertainment is also free. We may not experience this ever again, so we have a lifetime opportunity to dedicate it all to the Holy Quran, and revive our souls. Maybe nature has sent this pandemic to open our eyes and make us realize how negligent we have become.

Make an Environment of Quranic Learning with Kids

The environment of your home rests in the subconscious of your child for up to four years. Therefore, it is the core responsibility of parents to feed good practices in their kids. Being a Muslim family, we cannot forget incorporating Islamic teachings; therefore, we need to make such a home environment. However, it is hard to do in routine life; fathers are busy in earning, and mothers hardly get time from household works. But, the corona pandemic gives a golden opportunity, especially to fathers to make a Quranic learning environment of their home. The office work is either paused or limited these days, so they have got plenty of time to spend on it. The load for mothers has been increased, so it may be difficult for them to do so.

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