If there is one memory that you can relate to when you meet people from around the world is watching Disney channel during your childhood. Well, it is so entertaining that we still watch Disney channel from time to time. And how can we forget about classic Disney movies that still are our favorite. Whether you are a child or an adult, it is safe to say that we all have wanted to go to Disneyland at least once in our lives. Who would want to miss on that chance? Spending a day at Disneyland and having the time of your life is top priority. And if you are someone who plans to visit Disneyland or has already visited it once before, today is your lucky day. That is because in this article we will be introducing to you, My Disney Experience and how to register for My Disney Experience Account and sign in to it as well.

If you are a Disney enthusiast it is best to create this account because with My Disney Experience, you will be able to make any dinner/lunch reservations for yourself and your friends/guests at famous restaurant(s) in Disneyland easily without having to call or wait in the waitlist. With that, you can also get tickets as well as passes for Disneyland through your My Disney Experience Account.

The first thing we are going to learn is how to make an account with My Disney Experience:

  1. You will visit www.mydisneyexperience.com first.
  2. Click on Create an Account on the page that will be at the top part of the page.
  3. On the next page, you will share your personal details such as email, password, your name, your birthday your contact information, your address details and setting your security questions.
  4. Then hit on the green Create Account button and you will be done soon!

In order to login to your account, you will:

  1. Go on the same page URL.
  2. Then hit on Sign in button.
  3. In the Sign in box you will enter your email address.
  4. Then enter your password.
  5. Click on Sign in and you will be done!

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