About photographs and portraits, it is very well said that a photograph or a portrait contains a reality that is so subtle that it sometimes becomes more real than the reality itself. To make portraits is to tell what one’s appearance and presence means to us. How keenly we observe others and their features.  We say the each and every photograph is a self-portrait but in reality, these portraits are one of the most imitate photographs. These images make the subject survive.

Digital Online Portraits

Now can van easily get your very beautiful and aesthetic portrait made for you online by simply logging in at www.mylifetouch.com and creating your My.Lifetouch Portrait ID. Here you can choose or customize your very own portrait from a really vast range of product selection and portrait looks. To complete your online portrait you must fulfill the requirements given below and follow all the instructions given to you here word by word and as it is.

Things required to make My.Lifetouch Portrait ID

Before you really get excited to make a My.Lifetouch Portrait ID and get your online portrait you must know that there are certain requirements that you are required to fulfill. These requirements are as follows.

  1. Access to PC, Laptop or mobile on which you may open the My.Lifetouch Portrait ID.
  2. A valid internet access.
  3. Knowledge of operating the computer or the electronic gadget that you are using.

Making of My.Lifetouch Portrait ID

The process of making your My.Lifetouch Portrait ID is really very simple and non-time consuming. The only bet is to follow the instructions given below fully.

  1. Start the process by making a click on the link given in point 2.
  2. mylifetouch.com.
  3. This will take you to the main page of creating your Lifetouch Portrait ID.
  4. Now you have to enter your picture Day ID. This ID is always unique to your school. You can easily find your picture ID on the picture day handout given you.
  5. On this link page, you will see different rows, columns, and spaces asking for different sort of information. Fill all this information carefully.

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