When you have days where you can give yourself time and make plans with your friends, family or even go on a date, you feel blessed. You have just gotten off a hectic week of work and you need time to make your personal life better. When you schedule a meetup with any one of your choice, you might wonder where to go. Well, if you are looking for something that makes you more comfortable, we would suggest Panera. But the real reason why we suggest this restaurant chain to you is because of its popular My Panera Missed Visit option that we will be discussing with you in just a bit!

If you were not already aware of Panera which is popularly known as Panera Bread, we are here to cover it up for you. Panera comes from the Panera Bread company which is based in United States of America. This bakey and café is not just any bakery-café restaurant, it is one of the fast growing casual restaurant in the States and you can also access it now in Canada. With its headquarters in Sunset Hills, Missouri, United States of America, this company operated earlier as Saint Louis Bread Company. Later they changed their name. At Panera, you can find almost every menu item that will warm up your heart. You can find salads, pastas, sandwiches, soups, drinks, bakery items and so on. Today Panera has over 2100 stores in these two countries and with increased success they are willing to expand. But one reason why this company is becoming more popular for its users is its My Panera Missed Visit system.

My Panera Missed Visit system allows customers to redeem their scheduled planned visit in just a few clicks. Because your weekends can always get ruined by sudden calls from your bosses and other routine chores you need to take care of.

My Panera Missed Visit

  1. In order to go about My Panera Missed Visit, you have to go to www.mypanera.com/missedvisit
  2. Then go to My Panera Rewards and click on Missed Rewards
  3. Follow the procedure and you will receive a code to redeem this visit.
  4. That’s all!

One comment on “My Panera Missed Visit Will Help You Redeem Your Plans

  • Thanks so much, at about noon time Saturday 8/24/19 was in your North Dartmouth Store, I order a ten veggie soup, it was great, on a scale of 1 to 10 off the chart. I ask for med they they cashier say they only have small/large, I took the large. I will be be visit your store again soon. I was given a gift for father day, what a gift. love it.

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