Nordstrom is an amazing brand that has become widely popular among its customers especially those who love to make a fashion statement every now and then. Nordstrom gives you the opportunity to purchase items that are currently in style and their signature designs as well. If you visit any of their stores, you will see that they are perfectly organized and everything you need is right there in front of you. And while Nordstrom is where you would love to shop because of their products, this company is also where a lot of people come back because of the employees and how they help out the customers. While Nordstrom takes care of its customers, it also takes care of their employees and gives them a lot of benefits as well. After all, the employees work hard to make sure the brand lives up to its name, its goals and its reputations. So, here we welcome all the Nordstrom employees because this article will help you understand how to work with the Nordstrom Employee Portal Login procedure especially if you are new. So, let’s begin!

welcome nordstorm

Now before we go ahead with telling you how the Nordstrom Employee Portal Login works, there are some ground rules that you need to take care of. The first is that this portal is only for those members who are an employee at Nordstrom and were given an account with the company. Secondly, if you are not working with Nordstrom anymore then you will be unable to log in. Lastly, make sure you have all the accurate information for this Nordstrom Employee Portal Login procedure otherwise, you will be unable to do so. Now that everything is clear, let’’s begin:

Nordstrom login account

  1. The first thing you need to do is visit their page through your browser. To help you out we will provide the log in page to you here. Just click on
  2. Once the page opens it will directly lead you to the Nordstrom Employee Portal Login page.
  3. There will be two boxes here.
  4. In the first you will enter your employee number that has been assigned to you.
  5. Next you will enter your password.
  6. Hit the log in button and you are in!

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