Princeton is an independent educational institute renowned for research based studies. Princeton resident can have 5 personalised email accounts. Two types of webmail accounts are made one for graduate students, and one for undergraduate students and staff members have their own registration.

How to sign up for Princeton WebMail

Following steps should be followed to log in for Princeton webmail login:

  • First visit this link than to click subscribe button click to link of subscription form.
  • Fill your name, address etc. and follow all given instructions.
  • After subscribing log in to your account you will be registered in Princeton database.

How to change your Princeton Webmail Login Password

When you create your account they provide you with temporary password you have to change it and make it secure. You can accomplish your security by following steps:

  • First login from your account using your Princeton username and password.
  • After logging in click the option tab and select change password option.
  • Follow the instructions to change password.

How to use Princeton Webmail to compose messages

Small steps should be followed to compose emails:

  • Log in using your username and password first at
  • Than you can compose your mail by clicking compose messages or check mails from inbox and you can save your contacts in address book.

Removing your Princeton Webmail Account

Your OTI account will be removed depends upon your status:


Your Princeton webmail account is kept active for 65 days; students are advised to utilize this time to save your emails, download your files and complete your remaining tasks.


For graduate students, your account closure time is 65 days or 365 days. Graduate students who terminate or withdraw will have 30 days in account closure.


For employee they have 28 days for closure of their account.

  • All of them are informed before closure of account.

How to recover your OTI Account


PU is the educational institute you can make your PU account by following above steps first subscribe your account by subscription account than login from Princeton web mail login username and password.

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