Leather is a material made up of animal hides which is vastly used as a sole ingredient in the manufacturing of several products like handbags, purses, shoes, jackets. Among all these leather jackets are at an utmost priority of fashionistas. It has been a top inn in the fashion industry for over centuries. It is a statement piece on which everyone wants to grab a hand on. For men, leather jackets are a high-end fashion product. There are different types of leather jackets, one should have complete information about them before having a hand on them.

The one thing that comes to mind before buying a leather jacket is its quality and price. Leather and more Canada is best the place to buy a high octane leather jacket at considerably low prices than any other brand. We want you to have complete information about the types of men’s leather jackets before having a purchase so that you could select the right piece for you, which reflects your style and personality. Below is a little writing on various types of men’s leather jackets.

  1. BOMBER JACKET: The style of the bomber jacket is motivated by the flight jacket, or you can say the newer version of the flight jacket. It has slightly knitted cuffs and a waist with a zipper at its closure. It is best paired with denim and a t-shirt. A Bomber jacket is mostly designed with a fur collar that is why it is the best leather jacket for winters. With its fitted sleeves, it is good to keep yourself warm, although it is not a good option for summers.
  • BIKER JACKET:  This type of leather jacket is mostly worn by motorcyclists because of its proximity to the body, as it eases in riding a bike. That is why it is also known as a motorcyclist jacket. It has an asymmetrical zip closure with buttoned studs on its collar. With a D-pocket and a belt on the waist. It is mostly found in black color.
  • FIELD JACKET:  Perfect for winters, this jacket is mostly found in brown color. It has a unique appearance with having four pockets in front and waist length. It can be best styled with fitted denim. This type of leather jacket gives a slight 19’s movie kind of vibe.
  • RACER JACKET: It is also known as a cafe racer racket as it is best for the motorcyclist that is involved in races because it provides a certain kind of protection to the body and is resistant to any kind of road abrasion. It is a slim fight with strong zip closure and a buttoned collar.
  • FLIGHT JACKETS: They are known as the daddy jackets for bomber jackets with a difference of two front patch-flapped pockets and collars that are designed like a shirt. They are mostly chosen by fashionistas but are also worn to protect one’s self from cold in winters. They are called pilot or aviator jackets, as they are usually worn by pilots.
  • Others: Above mentioned are the most common types of leather jackets found but some more types of leather jackets are:
  • Faux leather jackets: they are vegan leather jackets
  • Blazer leather jacket: it is a coat that is made up of leather.
  • Shearling jackets are jackets with fur on the collar on sleeves or a shearling inner lining.
  • Leather trench jacket: a long coat made up of leather is known as a leather trench coat.

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