The DoD Webmail is the Department of Defense Webmail. The Department of Defense provides Enterprise Email, which is a very secure and safe Email service. This service is based on cloud email, and it is designed to increase the efficiency and to facilitate collaboration across organizational boundaries. It provides secure access to your email from anywhere anytime. The effort is coordinated by sharing of the resource calendars across the DoD. The unnecessary administration is removed through email and cost is reduced. Data is replicated between the DECCs ensuring that the communication is secure and available when needed.

DoD Webmail Login Procedure

The 430,000 are the army users who have already been switched to DoD EE. Their email is being mechanically forwarded to their accounts. The above-mentioned number of army users includes deployed soldiers, family members, retirees, sponsored accounts, Army Reserve Soldiers and National Guard Soldiers. If an individual doesn’t have any CAC, then that individual has to be sponsored by a DoD employee or official. The sponsor then should be affiliated with DoD or some other federal agency for confirming and authorizing the need for an ID. You must also have to get yourself registered in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System before the card is issued.

CAC for DoD Webmail Login

It is required by the contractors to get them registered in the Trusted Associate Sponsorship System by getting help from an agent. The procedure will be completed in two steps. Fingerprints are checked by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Second is a National Agency Check with Inquiries check.

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