Rackspace has two types of business, Cloud Servers, and Dedicated Servers. Rackspace helps design, build, and operate workloads across both environments depending on the individual needs of the customer. Rackspace Webmail makes it very easier for people working in groups or teams striving to achieve a common organizational or individual goal. Rackspace Webmail Login will help you explore the best email hosting and productivity services at webmail.rackspace.com. Create your Rackspace Webmail account so that you may avail all its benefits and features.

Rackspace Webmail Sign up Procedure

If you are new to Rackspace Webmail and looking to create an account you need to follow the below mentioned instructions.

  • Open the following link in your browser https://www.rackspace.com/.
  • Your browser will then take you to Rackspace official web page.
  • Select the “Sign Up” option at the top right corner of the page in a green box.
  • Choose the office 365 option further select the category and payment plan that best suits you.
  • Fill the online application which will require your Rackspace Webmail Login Username, Company Name, Email address, Password selection and few verification questions.
  • Once you have filled all the required fields press the “Submit” at the bottom of the application for finishing the process.

Rackspace Webmail Login Procedure

If you already have an account you need to follow the below-mentioned instructions in order to access your Rackspace Webmail account.

  • Open the following link in your browser https://www.rackspace.com/apps/ .
  • Your browser will then take you to Rackspace Webmail official page.
  • In the top right corner of the page, you will see a “Log IN” option highlighted in gray.
  • Select the option and a drop down menu will appear with several options.
  • Select “Rackspace Webmail Login” option from the drop down menu.
  • And a new page will open where you will enter your Email Address and Rackspace Webmail Login (This is the direct link to the login page https://apps.rackspace.com/index.php)
  • Press on the “log In” button in the red box and you will be logged into your Rackspace Webmail.

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