Surewest is part of a Consolidated Communications, which, amongst its many other services, provides a webmail service which the customers can access through the Surewest mail site.

Surewest Webmail Login Procedure

The following article provides a step-by-step guide for customers registered with the Surewest webmail service through which they can very conveniently access the Surewest webmail login platform. The Surewest Webmail login procedure is fairly simple and has been detailed below for your convenience:

  1. Access which will lead you automatically to the CCI platform and Surewest webmail login page
  2. Enter your login credentials i.e. your email and password, correctly into the spaces provided. Double-check your details to ensure a successful login
  3. Click on the grey “Login” button to finish the Surewest webmail login procedure

Surewest Webmail Login

Note: In order to access the correct Surewest webmail login page, DO NOT use any of the following URLs:

  • net email
  • net webmail
  • net email login
  • email
  • com email
  • net login
  • net webmail
  • net log in
  • net email

If you need further assistance with Surewest Webmail, visit

Surewest Webmail Sign Up Procedure

In order to set up a Surewest/CCI account, carry out the steps detailed below

  1. Vist the MyCCI Online Account login page through the following address: or directly go to the registration form page by accessing the following link from your browser:
  2. Click the blue “Create New Account” button to be directed to the registration form page
  3. Enter your Consolidated Account Number or click “Locate my Account Number” if you need help
  4. In the next step, provide your Customer PIN or if need be, click “Locate my PIN”
  5. Check that the personal information you have provided is correct by clicking “Check”
  6. Follow the rest of the steps to successfully finish the MyCCI Online Account creation procedure and follow the steps listed earlier in this article to log in to your Surewest/ MyCCI Account Online.

Retrieving Surewest Webmail Login Credentials

  • Recovering forgotten username:
  • In case you are unable to recall your username click “Forgot Your Username?” under the blank username field of the MyCCI Online Account login page.
  • Provide the email address linked to your account
  • Click “Find My Account” and follow the rest of the steps to recover your username
  • Recovering forgotten password:
  • Click “Forgot Your Password?”
  • Provide your username so that the site can locate your account
  • Click “Find My Account” and follow the rest of the steps to recover your password

For further assistance regarding the login procedure, visit

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