Fidelity Bank was founded in 1974 and this banking service is a part of the Fidelity Southern Corporation. The company is providing their customers with financial services and is one of the largest considered banks providing facilities that are found in Atlanta. The company own almost 60 branches in Atlanta and Florida, Unites States. They are providing their customers with multiple credit card services as well. Fidelity Credit Card Login at is an online portal owned and operated by Elan Financial Services where Fidelity customers can create their accounts and associate those accounts with their credit cards and access multiple facilities provided by the company online. They can also check into their credit card details through these accounts.

How To Access Fidelity Credit Card Login Page

  • You need to have an internet connection and a PC or a Laptop to access the Fidelity credit card login page online.
  • You need to know the web link that will lead you to the Fidelity credit card login page.

How To Sign In Fidelity Credit Card Online Account

  • You need to visit the web link . This web link will directly lead you to Fidelity credit card login page.
  • Here you will find login options on the left side of your web page. You need to enter your personal ID in the first provided space in the login window and click on the continue button.
  • Next you need to enter your password in the next provided space.
  • After this you need to click on the “Login” button.
  • If you have entered valid input, you will successfully get access to your account.

How To Sign Up Fidelity Credit Card Online Account

  • You need to visit the web link This web link will directly lead you the Fidelity credit card login page.
  • Here on the top bar you will find “Enroll now” option. You need to access this option to create your account. After accessing this option you will be directed to another web page.
  • You will be inquired your personal information here including your Fidelity credit card details.
  • First of all you will be providing your credit card account number, security code, last four digit of social security number and ZIP code. Next you will be creating your personal ID and your password. You will also be providing your email address and phone number. After providing all this information click on the “Submit button”.
  • Keep on adding information that is being inquired from you. In the end after confirmation, your credit card account will be created.

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