Visit to access the information about Hilton Team Member Travel Program. Hilton TMTP is a perk for employees to get big discounts, book rooms, and other benefits. Hilton is a chain of hotels and resort, which provides a special travel program for their employees.

Hilton provides a luxurious and comfortable stay at all its hotels and resorts. It does not only meets customer satisfaction, but they also want to gain employee loyalty which is why they offer such programs which benefit the employees.

About Hilton Worldwide:

Hilton Worldwide is one of the largest and fastest growing hospitality companies. It was started by Conrad Hilton in Cisco, Texas (1919). It now has more than 4600 hotels and resorts consisting 758,000 rooms in 100 countries.

What is Hilton Team Member Travel Program (Hilton TMTP)?

Hilton TMTP is a perk provided to Hilton employees. From this program, the employees can enjoy big discounts whenever they book a room for themselves and their family at thousands of Hilton locations around the world.

Who is eligible for Hilton TMTP?

Whether you are a full time or a part-time employee at Hilton, then you can avail the benefits of Hilton Team Member Travel Program.  All these employees are collectively referred as “Hilton’s team members”.

If an employee wants to avail this program he/she must keep in mind two main things:

  • The trip should be only for leisure purpose and not for any other reason/business.
  • Employees are working in America only can avail this program.

Difference between the actual price and discount

If we compare the amount paid by the employees as discounts and the real amount paid by regular customers we come to know that the employees enjoy the huge and significant discount.

Step by step guide:

  • Visit the website
  • Click on the button “Begin here.”
  • As per instructions enter your work location.
  • In your desired locations and dates, check the availability of the hotels.
  • Compare the details of the rooms and pick a room that suits you the best.
  • Enter all the necessary details to book the room, for example, your personal information and your billing details i.e. credit card number, etc.
  • The last step requires you to visit your Human Resource department personally for the authentications and verification of the confirmed details. You will also get a signed travel passport from the human resource department.

Now you are done. Enjoy your stay!!

When the employee travels to his desired destination, the employee must take the passport to the hotel with himself. No photocopies will be accepted.

Change of plans

If there is any change of plans in the employees, travel he should remember to cancel his trip. If he does not cancel within the time provided by the hotel or does not arrive at the hotel, the employee will be charged at the published rates, and he will not be entertained in any policy of returning deposits.

You can change or cancel your trip online at Just click the top navigation “Existing Reservations” and follow the instructions to make changes.

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