Email is recognised as an official form of communication by university students. All accepted students receive an email from Gonzaga University through a collaboration with Microsoft Office 365. Gonzaga University Students get access by Zagmail. It is easily accessible through all browsers. Has not only that but also offered downloadable applications that can create access through tablets, mobile phones, and hand-held devices.

How to access Zagmail Login page?

  1. Go to your browser
  2. Write in your address bar
  3. Enter your username
  4. Enter password

You can also access Zagmail through Microsoft apps and use the method mentioned above.

It is also approachable through mobile phones. For that use the procedure below:

  1. Go to settings
  2. Click email + accounts
  3. Choose “Add an account.”
  4. Choose Outlook
  5. Enter full email
  6. Enter password
  7. Click sign in
  8. On the next layout of the screen, changed your id and left the domain field blank
  9. Add server as
  10. Tap sign in

Username: students’ (must match email exactly)

  • Hit Next and green checkboxes will appear to indicate the connection was successful
  • At the next screen, select the fields that you want to sync. Tap Save.

How would you access your new Zagmail from the Outlook desktop application?

After your new Zagmail account has been successfully added to Outlook, you can see your Zagmail in your Outlook desktop application. If you had a Zagmail earlier account in Outlook, you should delete that account to avoid receiving connection errors as that account is no longer accessible.

What does Zagmail offer?

Zagmail offers this feature of OneDrive for Business is the place to store and share your work documents in the cyberspace. All content you store in OneDrive for Business is private until your devises to share it with other people. View and edit Office documents in Office web Apps or open them for viewing or editing in their Office applications (Word, Excel, etc.). Use OneDrive for Business in your web browser or sync it to your computer to access content locally and when you’re offline. Access your OneDrive for Business content on all your devices, including Windows Phone, Surface RT, Windows 8 and iPhone or iPad.

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